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I am happy to welcome you to my website, you can find information about my weekly classes, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga, my background and training, as well as Sama Yoga and our growing community!

Feel free to contact me with any questions! :)

Thank you!


Tuesday Evenings:

Rest & Restore Yoga

6:30pm - 7:45pm

Sept 10 - Oct 1: *Special Pricing*

2 classes $30/Single class $16.50

(pre-register at least 24 hours prior to class)

Oct 15 - Nov 5: 

$55/4 week session

In this class we will use yoga props (instead of our muscles) to hold us in the pose, allowing us to deeply let go while practicing relaxing and restorative poses. This allows the body and mind to feel completely supported, creating an environment for deep nourishment, inner awareness and release of tension and holding.

Be ready to deeply nourish your whole body and mind.

Leave feeling light and deeply rested!

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Biodynamic Yin Yoga

5pm - 6pm

Oct 15 - Nov 5: $50

In this class we will practice longer-holds of gentle poses that influence the fascia and energy lines of the body. Interwoven with the body's biodynamic energy currents and systems through awareness, focus and breath.

Be ready to release in a new way.
Leave feeling grounded and deeply nourished!

*Classes are held in my home studio in Selkirk*


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- Special Event Classes -

New Moon Biodynamic Yin Yoga

& Yogic Vision Quest:

Date - Saturday Sept 28

Time - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

We will start by settling into our bodies with a Biodynamic Yin Yoga practice. This will include longer-held gentle poses that influence the fascia and energy lines of the body, and is interwoven with the awareness of biodynamic energy currents, the chakras and energetic field.

In the Yogic Vision Quest, using guided imagery we will connect to a deeper level of relaxation and access a state of waking dreamtime (yoga nidra). You can re-discover the power of your imagination, as this deeply nourishing practice is your time to connect to your inner magic and creative self!

Prepare to learn something new and have fun! 
Leave feeling grounded, deeply nourished, relaxed, and whole.


**Please note:** 
 - Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable - 
 - Space is limited - Your spot is reserved once e-transfer payment has been received and confirmed - 

Are you wondering, why everyone is talking about yoga?

Here are just a few great reasons to try it out!

Some of the main physical benefits of yoga include:

  • Reduced body tension and holding patterns
  • Increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • Improved digestion and health of digestive organs
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Protection from injury

Yoga also offers many emotional and mental benefits which can include:

  • Increased capacity to process mental and emotional stress and reduce tension
  • Enhanced social well being through a sense of belonging and interconnection
  • Improved overall mood
  • Help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Better quality sleep and mental function
  • Quiet the mind from hyperactivity, overthinking and worrying

About Sama Yoga:

Sama Yoga is a style of yoga that is taught intuitively from the heart, and offers balance and health physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a practice that brings you back to yourself, to land in relaxation, trust and contentment.

The Sama Yoga class is an integration of gentle Hatha Yoga poses, combined with unique Sama Yoga warm ups, flowing sequences, beginner Qi Gong and heart opening mantras. The class is taught in a relaxed way, that honours the students as they are, and allows them to feel comfortable being themselves, the whole way through.

The poses lead gracefully from one to another allowing the practitioner to feel the more subtle aspects of the poses, while guidance is given in a kind and loving manner.

For more information about Sama Yoga and our growing community, please visit our official website:

What does Sama Yoga mean to me?

In asana class it means being more attentive with inner alignment than outer alignment. Performing the asanas with a deep respect and love for your body and accepting it for what it is that day. Getting away from a mechanical, stiff, stuck up type of movement to one that is organic and all accepting, allowing the body to give itself what it needs.

As a teacher Samayoga means respecting and accepting the students for who they are and understanding there is a reason for all they do in asanas and behaviour. Teaching from a place of devotion, self love and acceptance. In a subtle form that is implicit in how and what you say. It means delivering the class from a desire to share what has blessed you rather than a desire to “fix” the students. 

In life, Sama Yoga means continuing the pursuit of Truth through self knowledge, living within dharma (universal values) and staying true to your values. It means accepting yourself and people as they are without any agenda to change them. Not acting from a place of reaction, keeping our Devotee up, embracing fear, being mindful of our words, and keeping our words and thoughts and actions in alignment. 

Living, teaching and practicing yoga in this way will help us be in harmony and balance – which I remember now is the actual definition of Sama Yoga :)

About Erin:

Erin completed her 200 Hour RYT Sama Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Indonesia. She started practicing yoga in 2011 after her mom kept insisting she "just try it".

After her first class she was hooked and quickly became a dedicated student with a regular home practice. From a solid foundation in Iyengar classes Erin now enjoys practicing a variety of yoga styles including Sama Yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow and kundalini yoga.

Erin loves teaching Sama Yoga because she feels it best supports her in providing the class she would most enjoy and benefit from as a student. "I love the rhythmic movements that signal to the body that it can relax, focus on connection between breath and movement, along with all the benefits of the classical yoga poses in an environment where everyone is welcomed to feel comfortable just as they are!"

Sama yoga has grown in popularity in Sweden where Erin's teacher Sky Akasha teaches over the summer and fall. Erin is excited to be one of the first Sama Yoga teachers in Canada and share this wonderful unique yoga style within the already very vibrant Manitoba yoga community!

Erin is also a professional accountant and through her studies and work has had the opportunity to live abroad in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cambodia, as well as completing her yoga training in Bali, Indonesia, and Vedanta studies in Sweden, Sicily and California. "I feel I have had a unique opportunity to see the world and I love the ability to share some of this with my students through yoga."

Read Erin's teacher profile on the Sama Yoga website here.


"I left Erin's yoga class feeling so relaxed but also energized. I have taken yoga classes before but was new to this type of yoga. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect and wondering if I would even be able to do it, being on the larger side. Erin is a great instructor who will give clear directions, adapt poses if need be, all without disrupting the flow and energy of the class. I would HIGHLY recommend attending even just one class, as I am sure you will be hooked.
Thank you Erin, see you again soon!!!

- Megan S. (Winnipeg, MB)

"I find Erin’s Sama Yoga classes to be enjoyable and rewarding. They offer a unique blend of poses and flow that not only result in muscle and joint improvements, but mental health benefits as well. I have always enjoyed yoga for the physical benefits, but Erin has found a way to incorporate mental relaxation exercises where even a person like me (who does not like meditation) can appreciate them. I feel healthier in both body and mind after Erin’s classes."

- Kristin P. (St. Andrews, MB)

"Erin's peaceful and gentle way is so relaxing and yet so invigorating. Each class seems to be tailor made for what I need that particular day. I'm challenged physically however very comfortable within my personal limitations. The time just flies by."

-Diane B. (East Selkirk, MB)